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We offer:

Music Arrangement

We provide custom arrangements according to your liking, in any genre, whether it’s a solo piano, guitar, or the sound of a full symphony orchestra. We can write the score/orchestration of your music.

Give us a melody and we can arrange your music by creating the bass lines, counter melody, back-up vocals, texture/harmony, and rhythm of the following sections of a song: intro, verse, chorus, bridge, collision (if needed), instrumental solo, and outro.

We will also provide the orchestration/musical score.

Studio and Live Recording

We can do studio and live recordings, that caters from a solo performer to even bands made for rockin'.

Our studio has all the necessary equipments and gears to record and produce your song. We have the latest hardware and software plug-ins to give your song that extra bit of depth. We will provide the orchestration/musical score.

We can also do on-site recording, for events like choirs singing in a church or a rock bands playing live on stage.

Moreover, Bandz Studio can also do a voice-over recording or creation of sound effects for any film, TV program, radio show, and commercial.


To ensure acoustic quality, here at Bandz Studio we mix your songs using the latest and up-to-date software plug-ins.

With our professionally trained engineers, plus the collection of our latest software plug-ins, our studio can give your composition an added depth that will make your music stand out from the rest.

CD Mastering is the final step for your music before it is finally produced. It takes talent and experience to bring out the maximum potential of your mixes.

Our studio can work wonders for your song, and the quality of your mixes will be comparable to those of your favorite commercial artists. All mixes are performed on our fully automated console, so making changes are quick and easy. You get sonic quality better than or equal to that of big studios at less than half the cost.

Music Lessons


We offer voice lesson from beginner to the advance level.


We offer lessons on how to play the piano. Whether you are just a beginner or already a Mozart in the making, Bandz Studio adjusts to you.

You can choose to learn classical or jazz piano and even both.

Guitar and Bass Guitar

We offer lessons on how to play the Guitar and the Bass Guitar from beginner to the advance level. Bandz Studio will introduce to you the different genres of music.

We also offer classical guitar lessons.

Drums and Percussion

We also offer lessons on how to play Drums and certain Percussion instruments from beginner to the advance level as well.

In the beginner level, we teach you how to read music and drum tabs. You will be taught drum rudiments and techniques as well as how to tune drums. More importantly, you will learn how to play with a band.

We also offer lessons for percussion instruments like Djembe, Conga, and Bongo Drums.


We offer lessons in playing the Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, and Saxophone from beginner to the advance level.


We offer lessons on how to play brass wind instruments like the Trumpet, Trombone, and Horns from beginner to the advance level.

Guitar and Bass Guitar Repairs

We repair Guitars and Bass Guitars. Call us for more details.

Sound System Rentals

We offer sound system and equipment rental. Call us for more details.

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