Bandz Studio | About Us

"Music is the language of the soul"

Bandz Studio was established to help people of all ages cater their needs in expressing their feelings through music.

Our staff of engineers, musicians, singers, and teachers are all professionally trained in their respective fields to bring musical perfection to the highest level without sacrificing creativity.

This music studio has all the necessary equipment to get you started. Whether you are recording and mixing a full length album, or just laying down a few vocal tracks, our studio has the necessary tools to make it happen.

Our studio comes with a full live room for tracking instruments, plus a whole host of plug-ins that can be easily patched into the system to give your sound that extra bit of depth.

Aside from being a recording studio, the live room doubles as a rehearsal space. It is stacked full with keyboards, guitars, bass guitars, keyboard/guitar/bass amps, drums, and percussion equipments.

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